Brett Circle Review And Bonuses

Online marketing is not ‘pretty’ as all of so called gurus said to you.

There is a lot of dips in internet marketing.

The solution for this pain is only one. COMMITMENT!

So, what about Brett Circle Training program related to this?

For me personally, Brett has his own style in promoting affiliates product.

Yup, there is a lot of great affiliate marketer out there.

But, for us newbie, we need to find a ‘mentor’, which is really close to our style of promoting something.

Honesty In Promoting Affiliate Products

What makes me really wanted to learn from Brett is ‘HONESTY’.

Trust cannot be earned without trustworthiness.

To be a great affiliate marketer, we need to be trustworthy to our list.

In order to do that, we must make really, really, really honest review about product which we are promoting.

If the product sucks(sorry for my language), we need to say it does.

And because Brett himself is a developer, so there is so certain knowledge that we newbies in this area, do not know.

Within his review,  you could see that, he really tested all product that he reviewed and wrote honest review about them.

This is some writing about Brett’s honesty:

It is not easy to give a honest answer to this question but few thing you can have in mind when choosing a good program. The program needs to include detailed step by step video training on how to get started from the ground up with both affiliate marketing and with product creation. It must include ‘ground up’ approach that does not assume you know everything. It must enable you to start with the most basic of concepts and steps and move on to more advanced aspects and training at your own pace.

So the program I am recommending today is built by a straight forward and honest guy . Thie program literally takes you step by step through the process of making money online. It’s without any fluff, just a solid and actionable advice that you can follow. This program is Brett’s Circle and in his circle brett shares what strategy he used to become a full time internet marketer. The “Bretts Circle” training is pretty easy to follow and understand and includes the easy to understand help files.

Read more…


But, there is the dark side of it.

Most of Brett customer, especially, one with ‘soft-heart’, unable to tolerate Brett’s answers, when they asked certain question.

Yup, because he is honest and laser-directed guy, if you asked wrong question, then, don’t be surprise with his answer.

There are some comments that I extracted from his blog.

Question: Ok you make money on line as i see. Why you want to help me to make 20k in a month?

Brett’s Answer: Because I want you to pay me to do it. I’m totally honest, I dont teach people how to make money online because I’m nice (though I am nice) I do it because I can make additional revenue in my business with little additional effort. Its the same reason top chiefs release cook books.

Read more comments here…

Question: Brett, Can you tell me what training Affiliate TRAX covers that Brett’s Circle does not? Is there another training that you do that is more in depth then either of those two? Thanks.

Answer: Bretts Circle is more in depth. Most people with Affiliate Trax wont need Bretts Circle though, the major difference is Bretts Circle also covers selling your own digital products where as Affiliate Trax is for affiliate marketing, keep in mind that the training in AT is a bonus for the AT software. Bretts Circle is designed as a training course.

He even told his ‘potential customer’ not to buy his product in this comment:

Question: Hey Brett, I got you and mike’s Affiliate Trax with the training i there. Is this the same thing as that, or more in depth?

Answer: You do not need this then.

Haha.. Truly honest right? You can read more comments from him in his own blog here.

If you read all of Brett’s answers thoroughly, there is nothing wrong with his answers.

However, as a person who really like to understand how human think, sometimes, it not what you say, but HOW YOU SAY IT.

The good thing about being yourself in marketing is, you only attract customer which can really mix and communicate with you.

The bad thing is, you lost some prospect, which we don’t know later on, would become our repeat and loyal customer.

But, who want to have loyal customer, but at the same time, you need to wear ‘mask’ when you communicate with them? I really don’t want that. It’s tiring and exhausting to be someone else in life.

Core Principle in Affiliate Marketing?

Okay, enough with the hype (no hype actually), so, what is inside this training?

You will get how Brett as a Top Affiliate Marketer build his wealth.

The main principle that you will learn in this training is “make your own product mindset”.

You will be shocked by Brett’s view about making your own product. Because, most of us chose affiliate marketing as our way to make money is because we don’t want to make our own product.

Who are we to make a product?

I am just a newbie in this field.

There are a lot of this I need to think of to make a product.

It is difficult.

Yada yada yada yada yada…. And the list will go on and on.

All of that is only because of one thing:



But it is okay not to have product and research your market’s need in the first place. The principle is, along the way, we need to START making our own product. That is a mindset that we need to have if we really want to make really good amount of money in this field.

(It’s okay. I am also a newbie like you. Mine is still in draft.)

And, Brett will be showing you how he make his own product in this training step by step. And, we could just follow the totally proven step if we want.

Interactive Facebook Group

I have been joining for quite some time already.

You can be shocked with how responsive Brett is in the group.

In this group, he will deliver his honest review about latest products out there.

Plus, there will also be some freebies and additional training videos.

So, enough with that, should you buy Brett Circle?

The answer is obvious already.

It is you who need to decide now.

I can only say that it really good for newbie like us.

If you just bought Affiliate Trax, then, save your money.

Take action with that software first.

My gut told me that if you have already bought Affiliate Trax, and after reading these hype, you also wanted to buy Brett Circle, then, you just been diagnosed with ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.

You need to be treated. The treatment is STOP BUYING! TAKE ACTION! NOW!

If you want buy this training form my link (yes, this is an affiliate link, so I got commision when you buy from my link), I have some more bonuses for you.


A software that help you build your landing page. There is a lot of template that you can use. (You can view the salespage by clicking HERE).

Just send your paypal receipt to me at and this software is yours!

If this offer is great offer for you, then you can just get Brett Circle Training with special price (original price, you can check it from original salespage here).

If you wanted to buy from my link, you can just click the button below:

Newbie Brett Circle

Mailit Plugin Review and Bonuses


Any newbies in internet marketing field surely don’t know where to start with email marketing.

Everybody keep emphasizing that email marketing is very important. And, the money is in the list.

However, most of us newbies could not afford the expensive monthly charges of most autoresponder.


Just take a look a this video on Brett’s own experience with email autoresponder services. In this video, you can see how Brett started with MailChimp (like most of us newbies, because it is free up till 2000 subscribers), then change to aweber and decide to develop his own plugin, which is “Mailit Plugin.

Just watch it. It is really an eye opener.

Affordable One Time Fee

When you read most of reviews online regarding Mailit, most of them would agree that the best thing about it is ONE TIME FEE.

Plus, it is for UNLIMITED amount of subscribers.

Which is so COOL compare to other email delivery services.

For a newbie like us, this feature really help as we just start our journey in building up our email list.

Deliverability VS Inboxing Rate

Do you know there is difference between deliverability rate and inboxing rate?

Here’s a review by Brendon Mace about this:

A lot of people confuse “deliverability rating” with “inboxing.”

They are NOT the same thing.

Deliverability means how many emails actually get delivered to your subscribers.

If this is anything less than 99%, you have a bigger problem.

Autoresponders brag about high deliverability.

It doesn’t mean anything. Of course it should be high. It’s a false selling point.

The much more important metric is your “inboxing rate.”

This is how many emails actually make it into the inboxes of your subscribers, and avoid getting drowned in the spam filters.

Which is CRUCIAL.

Think about it, if you DOUBLE your inboxing, you are essentially DOUBLING your business.  Read more…..

Mailit increase your Inboxing Rate (which is great). Your email will be delivered to inbox, not SPAM folder. How many of us really check (or even open) our SPAM folder?

Delivery rate drop with Self Hosted Email Services?

But, what about delivery rate?

There are many saying that if you deliver your email through a self hosted email services, your delivery rate will be drop.

As you can see by Brett’s case study, the delivery rate is still high after he swicth to Mailit Plugin.

However, make sure you contact your hosting provider first regarding your limit for email delivery rates. This is to ensure that you don’t exceed your hosting’s limit.

It is a ‘broadcast’ email plugin not an autoresponder

As you can see, I would agree with some review that saying Mailit is not exactly an autoresponder. It is more like ‘broadcasting’ email service plugin.

Meaning that, you cannot automate and schedule your email.

Which is a bit of headache if you had different niches in your list.

But, what I could suggest is, you build a different website for different niches. (Still, if you learn the high technique of email marketing, you want to segment your list right? Haha.. But, Brett bravely said that he himself did not segment his list. Shocking fact right?)

Read some reviews from Warrior Forum regarding this:

Mailit is not exactly an autoresponder. Is more like sending email plugin. (broadcast emails).

Mailit has autoresponder feature but is only work for your new subscribers who sign up on you list. You can only set 1 autoresponder email for each list (normally a welcome email or whatever you want)

So you can’t follow up your new subscribers for many days.

If you want to follow up your subscribers and send emails each day on autopilot then you may need a 3rd party autoresponder like Aweber etc.

In my opinion this is the main disadvantage of using MailIt compared to 3rd party autoresponder.

I don’t know if Brett will add a completed autoresponder feature in the near future but he use it for his own business and update the plugin too. (this give me hope)

If you want to upload your list and send broadcast emails then maybe you will find it useful because is an easy to use plugin, you may see better results than a 3rd party autoresponders and it can be also a good backup solution.  Read more…..

So, this is the most concerned thingy about Mailit. And, Brett’s fans believe that there will be an upgrade with this plugin in the future. Yup, Brett always upgrade his plugin, because he himself is a developer.

Let’s hope for that.

Awful And Limited Field Optin Form Design

I am quite obsessive with design.

After inspecting the form that is produced by this plugin, I am quite disappointed. However, there is a lot of other plugin which can work with Mailit and produce a fantastic optin form.

Furthermore, you are only allowed to collect Name and Email with this plugin. So, another disappointment for those who wanted to collect other details and segment their niches.

IP Address will be banned or blacklisted

There is one review from Lenny Rowell saying:

while Brett indicates your IP address will not be banned once you start blasting out emails, there is always a possibility this could happen, especially for people who will not take the time to follow the directions. There is a small period of time once you start using it, you need to warm up your IP address before sending out emails to a ton of subscribers. This extra step increases the possibility for user error.

Yup. He’s right by the way. But, just follow what Brett said about this:

As long as you send good emails to people that opted-in, you’re not spamming people, and you’re using a system that sends email in the proper format.

So, for me, this is not an issue, unless you are really a spammer. (And, with that, I would be grateful that this plugin help us to identify someone like you. Haha..)

You need to have wordpress site to use it

Quite an obvious thing right? Haha.. But Lenny Rowell also wrote in his review about this:

Ok so if I am being completely honest, there are a few things about the plugin that I just flat out did not like. First off, Mailit is a wordpress plugin so it requires you to have a wordpress website. Not everyone owns a website, domain or hosting. However I took this one with a grain of salt because buying a domain, getting hosting and installing wordpress is really not a lot of work.

For your information, currently, you need your own email from your website to use third party service provider. If not, you email will end up in spam email and delivery rate will also be affected.

So, for me, it is really not an issue. If we are serious of building our brand and businesses online, for me, website is a must.

Okay, enough with long discussion about the plugin, so, should I buy Mailit Plugin or not?

For a newbie, I personally used Mailit plugin for myself…… Plus some combination with Lead Monster(to build fantastic optin form) and MailX (this software had autoresponder settings and it is also ONE TIME FEE).

In case you are interested to buy Mail It plugin, you can buy it from this link.

Newbie Mailit Plugin

(Yes. It is an affiliate link and I will get commission if you buy it from my link.)

But, I would like to offer those who buy from my link these bonuses which can help you in list building niche:


A software that help you build your landing page. There is a lot of template that you can use. (You can view the salespage by clicking HERE)

Affiliate Trax

A software that can help you build your CUSTOMER email list from selling other people’s product. (you can view the salespage here anda my review about this product here.)

Plus, Brett also is kind enough to give you 4 other bonuses inside members area, which are:

mailit plugin review download bonuses


Affiliate Trax Special Discount Review (With Great Bonuses For Newbie)

AFFILIATE TRAX SPECIAL DISCOUNT REVIEW: How you can BUILD your BUYER’s list by selling other people’s product.

What’s up Newbies!

Today I am going to review a product named Affiliate Trax by Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky.

These guys are totally awesome internet marketer that you want to learn with. (Highly suggested by me!) They were awarded as Top Affiliate by JVZoo this year. Amazing right?

Want some proof? This is their award:

Affiliate Trax Special Discount Review

And the awesome part is, (drumroll please…..) this product was developed by them.

So, what is Affiliate Trax?

Frank decided to be an affiliate marketer.

He had done his research in JVZoo and found a very great product to promote.

He setup his website. And put in the affiliate links.

And because of his great marketing skills, lots of people bought from him.

He was satisfied with his achievement.


The promotion of second product. Frank need to start from zero.

Research for product again. Setup his blog post and hoping that traffic will come to his blog post. Unfortunately, his previous customer that bought from his link never got his promotion because this time, there are lots of competitors.

With that, a question came to Frank’s mind:

Is there a way to build a buyers list and make money selling other people’s product at the same time?

If you have knowledge regarding conversion, a buyer is different from a ‘prospect’ (potential customer).

A buyer is a proven person that TAKE ACTION to click the link and buy from you.

That’s why, having their details and contact are so precious.

If Frank got details of buyers that buy through his link, he could contact and market to them directly.

Plus, if product that Frank review for the first time is totally amazing, that buyers could already have trust in Frank. Meaning that, the probability of them buying from Frank will be high.

When Frank add someone to his buyers list, he can market to them over and over again, making more sales and more money. (Now Frank can smile)

Affiliate Trax‘s function is to help Internet Marketers or Newbies like Frank.

It will track every key detail about the products you’re selling, everything from profit per customer to refund rates. (Wow!)


Affiliate Trax Special Discount Review

This is a screenshot by Brett’s Affiliate Trax account. You could track all the details above. (Amazing right?!)

We will know:

Which offers are converting the best for us, so we can choose the best offers to promote

How much profit per customer we’re making on every offer, so we know how much money we can spend on ads.

Our refund rates for the products we’re promoting. Knowing which offers OUR traffic responds to the best can help us choose the best offers in the future.. (and avoid the ones our traffic doesn’t like)

Bad Site of Affilite Trax (Sad.. But have to admit)

However, there is some bad site of it.

It will only work for JVZoo offer. (okay now.. you can sigh and cry..)

I would really love this product if it can work for any affiliate platform.

But, we must admit that, nothing is perfect. Still, with the price and value given by the product, I am truly satisfied with them.

So, if you are newbie like Frank and wanted to build your list by promoting other people’s product from JVZoo, I think, this is the right time to take action.

Special Discount And Bonuses

With this product, you will not only get the software, you will also get training video from Mike and Brett inside the member’s area. (If you are a newbie, this will be a great platform to learn from them. Learn step by step how they reach that level. I am doing it right now. Wish me luck! 🙂 )

You will learn:

How Brett gets hordes of FREE traffic flowing to his affiliate offers

How Mike has built a SEVEN FIGURE online business that stuffs $20,000-$30,000+ into his pocket month after month

Special announcement here, I bought the Affiliate Trax Agency License. So, I have authority to sell his product a bit lower than the retail price. ( Wow.. I like being transparent).

You can see the value of the product is worth more than $497. Currently, the retail price is $67 (you can see for yourself at the salespage —> here)

But, if you buy form my link, you can get the whole bundle with:

Newbie Affiliate Trax

Click the button above quickly as I will increase the price later without further notice as I want to limit my licenses. (There is always advantage and benefit for ACTION TAKER. That is the principle of this website).

After purchase, just send me an email with your paypal receipt at There is something special that I want to give to you.

May God bless you, who really read this post till the end. (Always read my post till the end. Beside bonuses, I will always pray for you, yup… especially people like you)


I’m Hakem. I am Just A Newbie.
“Every MASTER was once a DISASTER”