AFFILIATE TRAX SPECIAL DISCOUNT REVIEW: How you can BUILD your BUYER’s list by selling other people’s product.

What’s up Newbies!

Today I am going to review a product named Affiliate Trax by Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky.

These guys are totally awesome internet marketer that you want to learn with. (Highly suggested by me!) They were awarded as Top Affiliate by JVZoo this year. Amazing right?

Want some proof? This is their award:

Affiliate Trax Special Discount Review

And the awesome part is, (drumroll please…..) this product was developed by them.

So, what is Affiliate Trax?

Frank decided to be an affiliate marketer.

He had done his research in JVZoo and found a very great product to promote.

He setup his website. And put in the affiliate links.

And because of his great marketing skills, lots of people bought from him.

He was satisfied with his achievement.


The promotion of second product. Frank need to start from zero.

Research for product again. Setup his blog post and hoping that traffic will come to his blog post. Unfortunately, his previous customer that bought from his link never got his promotion because this time, there are lots of competitors.

With that, a question came to Frank’s mind:

Is there a way to build a buyers list and make money selling other people’s product at the same time?

If you have knowledge regarding conversion, a buyer is different from a ‘prospect’ (potential customer).

A buyer is a proven person that TAKE ACTION to click the link and buy from you.

That’s why, having their details and contact are so precious.

If Frank got details of buyers that buy through his link, he could contact and market to them directly.

Plus, if product that Frank review for the first time is totally amazing, that buyers could already have trust in Frank. Meaning that, the probability of them buying from Frank will be high.

When Frank add someone to his buyers list, he can market to them over and over again, making more sales and more money. (Now Frank can smile)

Affiliate Trax‘s function is to help Internet Marketers or Newbies like Frank.

It will track every key detail about the products you’re selling, everything from profit per customer to refund rates. (Wow!)


Affiliate Trax Special Discount Review

This is a screenshot by Brett’s Affiliate Trax account. You could track all the details above. (Amazing right?!)

We will know:

Which offers are converting the best for us, so we can choose the best offers to promote

How much profit per customer we’re making on every offer, so we know how much money we can spend on ads.

Our refund rates for the products we’re promoting. Knowing which offers OUR traffic responds to the best can help us choose the best offers in the future.. (and avoid the ones our traffic doesn’t like)

Bad Site of Affilite Trax (Sad.. But have to admit)

However, there is some bad site of it.

It will only work for JVZoo offer. (okay now.. you can sigh and cry..)

I would really love this product if it can work for any affiliate platform.

But, we must admit that, nothing is perfect. Still, with the price and value given by the product, I am truly satisfied with them.

So, if you are newbie like Frank and wanted to build your list by promoting other people’s product from JVZoo, I think, this is the right time to take action.

Special Discount And Bonuses

With this product, you will not only get the software, you will also get training video from Mike and Brett inside the member’s area. (If you are a newbie, this will be a great platform to learn from them. Learn step by step how they reach that level. I am doing it right now. Wish me luck! 🙂 )

You will learn:

How Brett gets hordes of FREE traffic flowing to his affiliate offers

How Mike has built a SEVEN FIGURE online business that stuffs $20,000-$30,000+ into his pocket month after month

Special announcement here, I bought the Affiliate Trax Agency License. So, I have authority to sell his product a bit lower than the retail price. ( Wow.. I like being transparent).

You can see the value of the product is worth more than $497. Currently, the retail price is $67 (you can see for yourself at the salespage —> here)

But, if you buy form my link, you can get the whole bundle with:

Newbie Affiliate Trax

Click the button above quickly as I will increase the price later without further notice as I want to limit my licenses. (There is always advantage and benefit for ACTION TAKER. That is the principle of this website).

After purchase, just send me an email with your paypal receipt at There is something special that I want to give to you.

May God bless you, who really read this post till the end. (Always read my post till the end. Beside bonuses, I will always pray for you, yup… especially people like you)


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