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Brett Circle Review And Bonuses

Online marketing is not ‘pretty’ as all of so called gurus said to you.

There is a lot of dips in internet marketing.

The solution for this pain is only one. COMMITMENT!

So, what about Brett Circle Training program related to this?

For me personally, Brett has his own style in promoting affiliates product.

Yup, there is a lot of great affiliate marketer out there.

But, for us newbie, we need to find a ‘mentor’, which is really close to our style of promoting something.

Honesty In Promoting Affiliate Products

What makes me really wanted to learn from Brett is ‘HONESTY’.

Trust cannot be earned without trustworthiness.

To be a great affiliate marketer, we need to be trustworthy to our list.

In order to do that, we must make really, really, really honest review about product which we are promoting.

If the product sucks(sorry for my language), we need to say it does.

And because Brett himself is a developer, so there is so certain knowledge that we newbies in this area, do not know.

Within his review,  you could see that, he really tested all product that he reviewed and wrote honest review about them.

This is some writing about Brett’s honesty:

It is not easy to give a honest answer to this question but few thing you can have in mind when choosing a good program. The program needs to include detailed step by step video training on how to get started from the ground up with both affiliate marketing and with product creation. It must include ‘ground up’ approach that does not assume you know everything. It must enable you to start with the most basic of concepts and steps and move on to more advanced aspects and training at your own pace.

So the program I am recommending today is built by a straight forward and honest guy . Thie program literally takes you step by step through the process of making money online. It’s without any fluff, just a solid and actionable advice that you can follow. This program is Brett’s Circle and in his circle brett shares what strategy he used to become a full time internet marketer. The “Bretts Circle” training is pretty easy to follow and understand and includes the easy to understand help files.

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But, there is the dark side of it.

Most of Brett customer, especially, one with ‘soft-heart’, unable to tolerate Brett’s answers, when they asked certain question.

Yup, because he is honest and laser-directed guy, if you asked wrong question, then, don’t be surprise with his answer.

There are some comments that I extracted from his blog.

Question: Ok you make money on line as i see. Why you want to help me to make 20k in a month?

Brett’s Answer: Because I want you to pay me to do it. I’m totally honest, I dont teach people how to make money online because I’m nice (though I am nice) I do it because I can make additional revenue in my business with little additional effort. Its the same reason top chiefs release cook books.

Read more comments here…

Question: Brett, Can you tell me what training Affiliate TRAX covers that Brett’s Circle does not? Is there another training that you do that is more in depth then either of those two? Thanks.

Answer: Bretts Circle is more in depth. Most people with Affiliate Trax wont need Bretts Circle though, the major difference is Bretts Circle also covers selling your own digital products where as Affiliate Trax is for affiliate marketing, keep in mind that the training in AT is a bonus for the AT software. Bretts Circle is designed as a training course.

He even told his ‘potential customer’ not to buy his product in this comment:

Question: Hey Brett, I got you and mike’s Affiliate Trax with the training i there. Is this the same thing as that, or more in depth?

Answer: You do not need this then.

Haha.. Truly honest right? You can read more comments from him in his own blog here.

If you read all of Brett’s answers thoroughly, there is nothing wrong with his answers.

However, as a person who really like to understand how human think, sometimes, it not what you say, but HOW YOU SAY IT.

The good thing about being yourself in marketing is, you only attract customer which can really mix and communicate with you.

The bad thing is, you lost some prospect, which we don’t know later on, would become our repeat and loyal customer.

But, who want to have loyal customer, but at the same time, you need to wear ‘mask’ when you communicate with them? I really don’t want that. It’s tiring and exhausting to be someone else in life.

Core Principle in Affiliate Marketing?

Okay, enough with the hype (no hype actually), so, what is inside this training?

You will get how Brett as a Top Affiliate Marketer build his wealth.

The main principle that you will learn in this training is “make your own product mindset”.

You will be shocked by Brett’s view about making your own product. Because, most of us chose affiliate marketing as our way to make money is because we don’t want to make our own product.

Who are we to make a product?

I am just a newbie in this field.

There are a lot of this I need to think of to make a product.

It is difficult.

Yada yada yada yada yada…. And the list will go on and on.

All of that is only because of one thing:



But it is okay not to have product and research your market’s need in the first place. The principle is, along the way, we need to START making our own product. That is a mindset that we need to have if we really want to make really good amount of money in this field.

(It’s okay. I am also a newbie like you. Mine is still in draft.)

And, Brett will be showing you how he make his own product in this training step by step. And, we could just follow the totally proven step if we want.

Interactive Facebook Group

I have been joining for quite some time already.

You can be shocked with how responsive Brett is in the group.

In this group, he will deliver his honest review about latest products out there.

Plus, there will also be some freebies and additional training videos.

So, enough with that, should you buy Brett Circle?

The answer is obvious already.

It is you who need to decide now.

I can only say that it really good for newbie like us.

If you just bought Affiliate Trax, then, save your money.

Take action with that software first.

My gut told me that if you have already bought Affiliate Trax, and after reading these hype, you also wanted to buy Brett Circle, then, you just been diagnosed with ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.

You need to be treated. The treatment is STOP BUYING! TAKE ACTION! NOW!

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